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Written by Rosanna   
giovedì, 05 gennaio 2006

I discover only recently this "art" but... it was a true love at first sight.  I began with the cyclamens and now I would like to realize all of the flowers and the plants that surround myself.
The compositions can be used to fill a shelf, a crystal table and will shine of charming reflections  if illuminated from a spot light or from the natural light, while the individual flowers can be used also like bonbonniere, place card, or center piece.

The history of the "beads" embraces all of the countries of the world, characterizes every culture and accompanies from the beginning the history of the man.  The most ancient document on which we find a descriptions of flowers made with glass beads was printed in 1499 and is naturally ...Venetian.
The "conterie" are a genuine Venetian product, in which the tradition of the glass production, associated with the experience and the art of the Murano furnaces technicians are expressed to the highest degree, guaranteeing a rich chromatic range.
The shine, the colors, and the fragility of the glass are, perhaps, the sole means to express in the best way the ephemeral beauty of the flowers.  This is the reason why to realize floral compositions I prefer to use beads of transparent glass, they reflect better the light and have so natural colors that the flowers seem... real flowers.

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