Iris Folding
Written by Rosanna   
giovedý, 05 gennaio 2006

Everybody likes to receive some greeting cards, because it means that someone thought about us. 
If the card is handmade , it is appreciated even more.

Naturally you must be able of to make a greeting card.  Well, Iris Folding is the right tecnique than everybody can afford. 
What you need are only thin papers, with small drawings, in gradations of color. 
In the USA, Canada and UK, you can use the inside of the commercial envelopes that, in those countries, is decorated with a large range of patterns and colours.
You have to cut the paper in strips and use the strips to surround the central part, like the iris of the eye contains the pupil. 
The choice of the paper and the combination of the strips, makes every greeting cards unique. 

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