Flowers of paper
Written by Rosanna   
giovedý, 05 gennaio 2006

Like Boheme's Mimì, making flowers of paper, and like the endless women that came before, beginning with Egyptians, with Greeks, with Romans, then with Venetians, with Genoans, with French, to continue with many festivities that still take place in many part of Europe.

This art, so typically feminine, exercised more often inside home with patience and modesty for the pleasure of to adorn, tried to fix in the time the ephemeral beauty of the flowers, creating masterpieces that remain up to now without name...
The real flower has the perfume of the ephemeral, enchants the senses, fades and dies.  The flower of paper, instead, has a demand of eternity, wants to charm with its game of fiction and does not want to die...

(Translated from a text of Teresa Curtarello Renzi)

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